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Traams > Cactusfestival

Post-punk trio Traams is opening the third day of Cactusfestival

Since 2011, TRAAMS have been the brightest boy in the British guitar class. With their sharp combo of motor-driven drums, dissonant guitars and hypnotic bass lines, they throw krautrock, shoegaze and postpunk into the blender, to a catchy and exciting result. TRAAMS – a military acronym for ‘Time Reference Angle of Arrival Measurement System’ – paved the way for the post-punk revival of the 2010s, along with contemporaries such as Eaguls, Iceage, Gilla Band and Preoccupations. They themselves are an important influence on many bands that have buckled down to the guitar in recent years and their two albums ‘Modern Dancing’ and ‘Grin’ became cult records among indie fans. Live, the trio from Chichester love to hit the spot. Ideal to kick off the third day of Cactus Festival.

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