The Muckers


The Muckers

The Muckers’ long-awaited EU tour arrives in September 2023!

Their debut album, ‘Endeavor’ comes on the heels of frontman Emir Mohseni taking refuge in New York City from Iran. In his native country, performing Rock music was forbidden and had been relinquished to the underground since 1979. In the face of adversity, Mohseni never let up his ambition, and upon landing in the USA, he formed a four-piece group that quickly impressed the crowds with their fresh guitar licks that echo both the early days of MTV and the alternative artists of the noughties.

This sound won them critical praises from many including Jack Saunders who gushed on his BBC1 show, “you won’t be able to get enough of it I promise.” The album was also nodded by their peers including Tame Impala’s Jay Watson & POND’s James Ireland who remixed stand-out track “So Far Away.”

The Muckers are now embarking on a tour across Europe and the UK to perform their live show which Rolling Stone once praised as “a call to fans to kick the dust off of their souls and boogie.”

More dates to be announced!

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