PVA & Use Knife > Sonic City


PVA & Use Knife > Sonic City

Two more DAAN bands at Sonic City!

Both PVA and Use Knife are currently working on new material and will proudly present it at the festival.

PVA: The three piece traverse fistfuls of genres throughout their rapturous live sets, incorporating techno landscapes, Balearic euphoria, and industrial miasma within the same songs. The band’s unique energy combines with blocky synths, autotuned vocals and motorik drum loops to earmark the group as one of the capital’s foremost new bands.

Use Knife: Use Knife coincides Western underground music with traditional Arab music culture into a genuine melting pot of unique musical current. Their music is composed around propulsive electronic rhythms, ricocheting sequenced melodies and samples and vibrant Arabic drum rhythms.

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