Niels Orens – Make Null and Void


Niels Orens – Make Null and Void

Visionary av-composer Niels Orens releases first solo EP Make Null and Void.

In the world of Niels Orens, sound is emotion. Driven by technology, the gifted Belgian producer and visual artist is constantly searching for new ways to generate sound and explore the different textures of his cello.

On his debut EP Make Null & Void he collects four diverse and meticulously produced tracks that present a collection of feelings from the past year. Bound by depth in sound design, his productions voyage to the outer fringes of modern classical, breaks and techno rather than sticking to an a priori defined genre.

“Organic acoustic and seething electronics melted together into a beautiful sound design by one of the most exciting new artists there is” — Max Cooper

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