Jungle By Night


Jungle By Night

Jungle By Night is ready to conquer Belgium!

Just last weekend, they played their craziest show yet at Gasthouder, a massive venue in Amsterdam. Don’t miss out because they are going to bang!

Jungle by Night are seven Dutch guys who together form a live act to be reckoned with. Their seventh and latest studio album ‘Algorythm’ serves as an homage to all electronic sounds. You might call it Computer Love, if this wasn’t all analogue. This Amsterdam band consists of a lot of synths, drums, bass, guitar and percussion enhanced by a trumpet, sax and trombone. From more brass-heavy earlier albums to a stronger focus on the electronic groove on their latest, they bravely go where no band has gone before and now find themselves in the goldilocks zone between analogue dance music, funk, Krautrock, 70’s funk and 80’s electro.

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