Hermanos Gutiérrez > Realismo Mágico Tour


Hermanos Gutiérrez > Realismo Mágico Tour

Hermanos Gutiérrez is touring EU in 2022!

DAAN is promoting their show
at Tivoli-Vredenburg in Utrecht on October 12th.

Hermanos Gutiérrez is a two-piece instrumental band formed by brothers Alejandro and Stephan Gutiérrez. Using the Latin American sound from the 1950s as their foundation, they take listeners on a journey through beautiful sounds without vocals. The two have been playing guitar together since childhood and you can hear that: if one plays the melody, the other supplements it smoothly with a harmony. The brothers have released four albums to date, of which the personal Hijos Del Sol (2020) is the latest. Meanwhile, the sultry swinging single Amor Profundo can be listened to, on which a promising, fresh sound can be heard.

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