Stellar Legions

Stellar Legions

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Captain’s log, stardate 20/02/2222.
4 experienced space cadets from the Antwerp Interstellar Legion, protecting the overall cosmic “New Peace”, settle down after a long, exciting odyssey to the borders of the expanding universe.
With them, stories and artefacts from the multidimensional cosmos come to our beloved mother planet Earth for the first time,
in the form of a round disc complete with exclusive high-quality audio and visual material that has been carefully collected and selected to promote the celebrated 2022 Peace Alliance, now two hundred years old.

The delegates on duty are all heroes of the allied era: Klaas De Somer (Tourist Lemc, Selah Sue), Fre Madou (ex-DAAU, Namid), Bram Weijters (Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Crazy Men) and captain Andrew Claes (STUFF., Internal Sun).

They passionately present this first omnibus, immersed in Jaak de Digitale‘s impressive total projections. The release is in the hands of Belgian quality label SDBan Ultra, will be available from the end of October 2022 at the better record store and the ship sails on the solar wind towards cultural temples and festivals throughout the Flemish landscape and far beyond, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Photo by Tom Herbots