And They Spoke In Anthems

And They Spoke In Anthems

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With And They Spoke in Anthems, singer-songwriter Arne Leurentop still takes his time to write and release music. There were five years between the acclaimed debut ‘JUNE’ (2014) and ‘MONEY TIME’ (2019). The third album ‘STILL.’ (2024) is also released after a five-year break. 

With ‘STILL.’ (release: spring 2024) Arne writes his most personal record. His world was turned upside down when his two best friends died suddenly within a short time of each other. In an attempt to make sense of this loss, he started writing. He tried to express his emotions of loss and mourning. In search of the essence, the foundations of our existence and in the knowledge that music can sooth. 

The result sounds like Andy Shauf produced a Neil Finn record after listening to Wilco‘s ‘Sky Blue Sky’ and Villagers‘ ‘Darling Arithmetic’.

And They Spoke in Anthems plays live both solo and with a full band. In the latter formula, Arne Leurentop (vocals, guitar, organ) is surrounded by Jan Dhaene (drums), Maarten Flamand (strings) and brand new band member Tim Vandenbergh (bass). ‘STILL.’ will be released in the spring of 2024 on Huis Mortier Records.